Do I have to sign a lease and what is the minimum rental commitment?
Stuff Hotel storage units and office warehouses are leased month-to-month. You must sign a rental agreement which is automatically renewed each month until you move out. The minimum rental period is one month, though you may move out sooner, of course. You may rent the storage unit for as long as you want as long as you continue to pay your monthly rent. P.O. boxes have an initial minimum rental of 6 months and then are month-to-month after the initial six months.
When is my rent due?
Your rent is due monthly on the anniversary date of your move-in. For example, if you rented your unit on the 7th day of the month, your rent will be due the 7th of each month.
How often do you raise rental rates?
We guarantee your regular monthly rental rate for 12 months (this does not include any special rates or discounts you may have received at move-in). The industry standard is to raise rents every 6 to 9 months, but we would rather be exceptional than standard!
Do you refund prorated rent if I move out early?
We do not refund rent if you move out before the end of your monthly rental period.  
Do you send invoices for monthly rent?
Stuff Hotel e-mails invoices to customers free of charge. You may request a mailed invoice for an additional fee of $1 added to your monthly rent. We encourage you to take advantage of e-mailed invoicing to save trees and money!
What information do I need to provide when renting a storage unit?
You will need to provide the following information when renting a storage unit from Stuff Hotel:
•   Identification (driver’s license or valid state or government issued I.D.)
•   Name
•   Mailing address
•   E-mail address (optional, but necessary for e-mail invoicing)
•   Phone number
•   Date of birth
•   Secondary contact name and phone number
What is a secondary contact and why do I need one?
A secondary contact is someone who will be able to reach you should we have trouble contacting you (e.g., your spouse, partner, parent, child, sibling, close friend, etc.). People often forget to notify their self storage facility when they change addresses or phone numbers and we want to make sure you and your belongings don't get separated. If we can't reach you at the address and phone number you have provided, we will call your secondary contact.
Do you require a deposit or charge other fees when renting?
We do not require a deposit when you rent your unit.  We do charge a one-time $15 to $20 (depending on facility) administrative fee when you first rent your unit.  You receive a high quality  disc or cylinder lock with this fee.
How long does it take to rent a unit?
We know you are busy so we work hard to have you ready to move into your unit in under 15 minutes.
What payment methods do you accept and how can I pay my rent?
We accept the following forms of payment:
•   Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
•   Checks
•   Money orders
•   Cash
You may pay for your unit using the following methods:
•   Automatic payments drawn on your credit/debit card (contact your facility office to sign up).
•   Online through our website with a credit/debit card.
•   Phone with a credit/debit card.
•   Mail with check or money order.
•   In-person.
Never miss a payment (and avoid late fees) by signing up for automatic payments!
Does Stuff Hotel insure my belongings?
No, we do not provide insurance. Renting a self storage unit is similar to renting an apartment in that you are responsible for insuring your belongings. You should check with your home or rental insurance provider to see if your policy covers your belongings when they are in a self storage unit. If not, you may choose to insure your belongings through an insurance company specializing in self storage insurance. We will provide you with information on an insurance provider when you rent your unit.
Does Stuff Hotel provide a lock for my unit?
Yes, we provide you with your own personal high quality disc or cylinder lock for your unit. We find these types of locks to be the most secure in protecting your stuff. The lock is covered in the administrative fee and is yours to keep after you move out.
If I forget my gate access code, can I call you for it?
We can not give you your gate access code over the phone. You will need to come to the office and show us your identification before we can give you your code. This ensures that imposters do not gain access to the facility.
What are the gate access hours?  Does the gate work even if the office is closed?
Every facility has different gate access hours, which you will find listed on each facility page. You have access to the property 365 days a year, during the gate access hours, even if the office is closed.
What happens if I am still on the property after the gate access hours?
The gate will not open and you will be stuck on the property!  Please time your visit to your unit so that you have plenty of time to leave the property before the end of gate access hours.
Are there items that I am not allowed to put in a storage unit?
Yes, for the safety and security of everyone, certain items are not allowed in your storage unit. Please see our Storage Restrictions* for a list of items not allowed. Also, check out our Self Storage Packing Tips to help you protect your stuff and make the most of your Stuff Hotel stay.
What do I do when I want to move out?
Checking out of a Stuff Hotel storage unit is simple. Just do the following and you are on your way:
•   Notify the office by email, letter, phone, or in-person at least 10 days before you plan to move out.
•   Clean out your unit of all belongings—do not leave anything behind!  
•   Remove and take your lock with you.  It is your lock after all!
•   Leave your unit door open.
Remember:  If you do not notify the office that you are moving out, you leave any belongings in your unit, or you leave your lock on your unit, you will be charged rent!
I let my friend use my unit.  I have since moved out my stuff, but my friend’s stuff is still in the unit.  Do I still have to pay rent even though the stuff in the unit is not mine?
Yes, since you have signed the lease, you are considered the occupant of the unit, no matter whose stuff is being stored. As long as the unit you have rented is being occupied, you are obligated to pay rent. Because of this, it is extremely important that you take this into consideration when thinking about letting other people use your unit to store their belongings. We recommend you not share your unit.

Do you have PO Boxes available? 
Yes! We offer PO Boxes at the following facility locations:
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